Top of museum to visit in Lyon 🏛

Top of museum to visit in Lyon 🏛

We are in the middle of winter, it is cold, we just want to stay warm under the duvet… 🛌 But at the same time, we still want to do activities without facing the cold!

What if we went to the museum? 🏛

In Lyon, we have some very beautiful and interesting ones 😉

We’ve concocted a list of museums to go and see ABSOLUTELY, whether you’re solo, with friends or with family!


Museum of Confluences

We start with one of the greatest museums of Lyon, the Museum of Confluences.

The architecture of this museum is absolutely incredible and its position on the point of the confluence of the Rhone and the Saône makes it even more impressive!

In the museum, you will find several exhibition rooms dealing with different themes such as science, technology and society, in order to better understand the world, the Earth, the history of life and humanity.

Between two exhibitions, you can take a moment to relax in the many spaces provided in the museum. Everyone can choose the path they want to take and go at their own pace!

You can also find a bookstore 📚, a brasserie and a café in order to eat ☕️

The little plus: the museum organizes many events, temporary exhibitions, conferences or even concerts during the day or evening. Keep an eye out, the program might be busy this year 👀

Find the agenda of the museum with all the exhibitions planned during the year!



Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum des Fine Arts, located on the Place des Terreaux, is one of the most important museums in France after the Louvre! 🖌

Did you know that the museum of Fine Arts has earned the position of the 5th largest museum in France? This makes it a very good reason to go there for a visit 😏

Indeed, you will be able to find a large number of paintings, sculptures, art objects, collections of Egypt, a room dedicated to the different currencies… In short, there are a large number of themes addressed in this museum on several different floors. A piece of advice: plan some time if you want to visit the whole museum (2h-3h).

The little plus: there is a tea room that also serves as a restaurant so you can take a break to eat while enjoying the terrace overlooking the garden 🌳

Discover the different collections of the museum!



Museum of Contemporary Art

Located near the Golden Head Park (Parc de la Tête d’Or), the Museum of Contemporain Art organizes a large number of temporary exhibitions, either in direct relation with the artists or based on works from its collection. The museum is completely transformed according to each project and always offers different routes for visitors.

In addition to the exhibition halls, which cover an area of 6,300 square meters, there are also conference rooms, documentation services, stores and a café. Everything is set up for you to have a good time! 🤗

The little +: the museum organizes workshops for children but also birthdays (from 6 years) 🥳 If you want to organize an original and fun moment for your child, you know where to go!

Find the agenda with all the current exhibitions!




The Gadagne Museums

In the heart of Old Lyon, the Museum of the History of Lyon and the Museum of Puppetry (which constitute the Gadagne Museums) are among the emblematic museums of Lyon.

Indeed, they are located in the largest Renaissance building in Lyon dating from the end of the 15th century and bought by the Gadagne family in the 16th century. And did you know that this building is classified as a historical monument?

You will find several exhibition rooms but also an inner courtyard with free access and a magnificent garden hanging on the hillside🌷

In the Lyon History Museum, you will find the following themes: How to define Lyon? How did Lyon become Lyon? What is the Lyon of today?

In the Museum of Puppetry Arts, you will be able to observe more than 300 puppets from all over the world, including the Guignol puppet, the emblematic figure of the city of Lyon.

Ideal for both adults and children 😉

Find the program of the Gadagne Museum!



The Lumière Museum

The Lumière Museum exhibits and tells the whole life of cinema, from its creation until today. Through projections and interactivity, you will discover the various exceptional inventions of the Lumière brothers 📽

4 floors with 21 rooms where you will find projections of Lumière films with commentary, the first cameras, color and relief photographs, completely unusual objects and many more surprises!

We strongly advise you to visit “Le Hangar”, a room installed in the garden, is THE cinema room where the first film was made 🎬

Find the schedule of the activities of the museum!



Museum of Cinema and Miniatures

Dive into the secret backstage of cinema! Discover the sets used in many film shoots, see more than 450 mythical and authentic filming objects! 🎥 You will see the different special effects techniques of the great European and American film studios through more than 120 miniature scenes.

On the program: 8 educational rooms illustrated with creatures and monsters, robots, costumes and masks, prosthetics, … In short, everything related to the special effects techniques used in the cinema.

Find all the information about the museum on their website!



We hope you’ll get out of bed with our list of the best museums to visit in Lyon!

Enjoy your visit and see you soon!

The Lyon Bike Tours team

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